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Privacy Policy

This site handles client data which is collected through various means whenever the client uses our site. When you visit our site, some data is collected to ensure a seamless experience when accessing and using the site. However, we do not collect all data about users who visit our site. We collect specific information. This information will explain how our site works, the data we collect from our users, and how the site uses and processes the information we collect from users.

Aggregate Information

This is information collected when you visit our website, and it comprises general information about the user's connection to our site. The data collected includes the type of browser in use, the IP address of the user's computer, the duration of time that the user spends on the visit to our site. This information stays private, and it is data that we collect ostensibly to better our website and improve the user experience.

Since our site involves using login credentials, we might store information collected from the browser you are using through "cookies". These cookies mostly store the login information that you provide, and they could be temporary or persistent. The rationale behind cookies is for users to experience the website's full features and seamlessly interact with it whenever they visit the site another time. It is worth noting that users can also disable cookies which comes with a diminished user experience.

User Data

When you open an account with our site, your user or personal information becomes available to us. To search for information on our site, post, link up with other users, or send and receive any information, you have to provide us with your information in the process of account creation. You have to furnish us with this information to access and utilize the various functions available to users on our site.

Your Content

When you create a profile or open an account with us, it means that you will be posting on our website, communicating with other users and doing much more that is possible within the range of functions we have provided. When you delete your account for whatever reason, we cannot assure you that the deletion is permanent. If someone accessed your account before its deletion, they might have shared it elsewhere or stored it in some form. For purposes of record-keeping and data processing, we might also have archived it. In this regard, therefore, we offer no assurances on the permanent removal of your account.

You have total sole responsibility for what you post on our website. However, we do not guarantee total security or privacy. While we have settings oriented towards enhancing security, there could be events like hacking your account, which we might have no control over. When an external party accesses your account through other means like hacking, it is prudent to let us know to inform our action. However, we will not accept any responsibility when your data or pages face compromise in such events.

Any activities that you perform on our site should be in sync with our Terms of Use Policy. All users should adhere to this policy and its tenets. Users who see activity out of order should inform us, and we will take appropriate action, including shutting down the account associated with the aforementioned activity.

Joining us by Invitation

Users might invite other people through the invitation service available on our site. In such cases, you will relay to us the user's address, after which we will send the invitation. For purposes of keeping track of our responses, we store the email addresses used. However, you can contact us to have your email removed.

Transfer of Personal Information

Using our website means you explicitly agree to the transfer to and processing your information in the U.S.

Age Data Policy

We have two key processes that guide us on underage people.

Children Under Age 13

Our site does not collect any personal information for visitors under 13. Users who suspect an account belonging to a person under 13 should contact us to take appropriate action. We will delete their information unless their guardian or parent allows us to keep the account up.

Children Aged 13 – 18

While we will not block you from opening an account on our site, you should ensure that you get explicit permission from your parent or guardian. They should also know that we will have access to your personal information.


The process of creating a profile or setting up an account with us requires you to provide us with personal information, including your full name and email address. When you create your account or set your profile up, we will only display your first name as well as the initial of your last name on your account. This is the standard even for other accounts or profiles. If you tweak the privacy settings and design them to reveal more information, you should note you will be doing this fully at your own risk, and we will not take any responsibility. The tweaks you make with the privacy settings regarding what shows up on your profile are all your responsibility, and we will not be held responsible for any of it.
We will send information on new developments and features to your email, which is why we ask from you. However, if you are not willing to receive newsletters on your email, we will scale back the communication to information and announcements that are important to you.


While we will not share your personal information with third parties, we might share what you post publicly. We share this information depending on your profile to show you advertisements that are in sync with your profile and interests. The process is similar to the third-party ads you see on other websites and social media platforms.


There are some cases where we will share your personal information with an external party. These include:

  • If our site changes its platform, the information will duly get transferred to the new owner. However, until new policies are in force, these terms will still be authoritative.
  • If you make a payment on our site, a third-party processor will have access to your information.
  • If you rely on a third party for email communications, that company will have access to your email.
  • If there are illegalities and laws are broken, we reserve the right to cooperate with court requests. We will also provide information if there are copyright violations or sharing of lewd content.


If you share your information with third parties, you do so at your own risk, and we will not take any responsibility for what happens as that falls outside the scope of our privacy policy.


There could be links on our websites that direct to third parties. When you click and visit or access these links, you should know their privacy policies govern them. Therefore, what you do there will be under their policies and not ours; we will not be held responsible for what happens there.


You can make modifications or edit or remove your profile at any given time. There are tools from your account that can help you in that regard. Any changes or removals that happen should consider that we will still have the information on our websites. However, other users won't be able to access your old data.

When you post, what you post becomes public. Once you remove those posts, they will be available in other places where they were shared or transferred and might thus appear on our site or other areas on the web


Our site deploys the latest tech in protecting user data. However, communications like messages or emails change the landscape, meaning data security is no longer guaranteed. Privacy protection is also interfered with. Sharing your information through these channels should consider their insecurity and that we will not accept any responsibility for any repercussions that follow. You should know you will be doing it at your own risk.


When you visit our site, you agree to have read and consequently accepted this privacy policy along with the Terms of Use policy. Modifications or amendments to this policy will see a prior warning in for of an announcement before the consequent publication of the changes. We will communicate the changes to our uses through email when made. After the publication of the changes, they become official and effective immediately, and all users will have to adhere to the modified policy.