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Terms of Use

Terms Use 

The terms of use provided on this page are meant to help our clients and visitors understand clearly the regulations for using our services. On accessing our website, one imminently agrees to these terms of use as listed on this page. Therefore, please scroll down to read and understand our terms of use.


  1. Text and Content 

  • Content and text are used to refer to any content that belongs to our website, varying from images, videos, written text, graphics, audios etc. 
  • Third-party text is any content posted on our site that originates from a particular individual not identified as a website user. It also covers any content a user found whilst browsing through the site. 
  • User content typically refers to the content of any kind and form that our users may publish on the website, including audio, videos, images, text, and more. 

  2. Addressed parties 

  • The pronouns “you” and “your” refers to and addresses any individual who browses through content-review.online. 
  • The pronouns “us”, “our”, and “ours” refers to the websites members of staff; writers, customer service and any other persons associated with content-review.online

  3. Third parties on the website

Content-review.online solely reserves the rights to use and distribute tools, apps on the site and links. However, this doesn't mean an endorsement of those products or services, and in case a user clicks on a link they find on our website, we aren't liable for any consequences arising from that. Our terms of use and privacy policies do not cover any user who leaves our website. 

4. Revisions to these terms of use 

We make it clear on our website that we have the right to alter the terms of use offered on this page without any prior warning or announcement of any kind whatsoever. Users will be informed of the changes on the website in case there are any. Upon publication, changes become effective immediately unless stated otherwise on the website. A user is answerable for getting acquainted with any changes. 

5. The usability of content-review.online

  • Permission: We reserve the right to prevent or interrupt a user from accessing the website in an instance in which the terms explained in this agreement are violated in any way. Our website presents to the user its ability to permit them to access and utilise the site in any way imaginable. 
  • Eligibility for use: Users who proceed to access our site must be 18-years-old, which enables them to engage in any legal and binding agreements. If a user or a third-party competitor is banned from entering the site, they no longer have the right to access it.
  • Site disruptions, adjustments and closure: We reserve the right to apply any change and modification to all sections provided on the website. We make it known that we have the right to disrupt or interrupt the offerings availed on the site or close the site without prior notice of any kind. 
  • Risk: Upon accessing our website – content-review.online, we cannot be held responsible if you access a form of content or information that you find inappropriate, false, offensive, or unsuitable in any way. A user preserves the risks that may come with accessing and using such kinds of content. We aren't sure we can help with any unfavourable consequences that may result after accessing the site.
  • Every user is entitled to an individual account on the website and thus is required to sign up. A user can access the information and services provided by us. All passwords are protected, but the user is duty-bound to keep their password safe and confidential. If the user communicates the password to a third party, the site won't be held responsible for the consequences. A user is obliged to inform the customer service of any breach on the account. Content-review.online reserves the right to close user accounts without prior notice when needed. 
  • A user is entitled to only one account and cannot create multiple accounts through false identities or impersonation. Every account is intended for private use and shouldn't be commercialized. Any attempt to commercialize a user account leads to closure and expulsion. 
  • A user imminently agrees to receive notifications via email or in their account upon creating an account. All users are advised to read the Privacy Policy section on our website to comprehend fully how their private information is used, held and the instances in which it is shared.

6. Indemnity

Users are expected to comply with the terms on content-review.online in the case of repercussions and consequences that may result from using the website. Users acknowledge holding harmless and indemnifying other website users and other third parties on our website. In case the website is subjected to legal fees, after taking legal action against you, the user is obligated to cover those fees.

7. Content published by a user on our site.

By comprehending that content can no longer be rescinded after publication, the user takes full responsibility for the content. Any risk that comes with publishing on the website falls purely on the user. There is no affirmation of any kind that a user can use to confirm the endorsement of the content by the website. 

  • In the case in which a user proceeds and publishes content that is either false, inflammatory, plagiarized, offensive, or, in any way, violates the copyright laws settlement and laws concerning privacy, pornography, or child endangerment, the user is held wholly liable for the immediate consequences that are due to emerge. The website does not accept responsibility for the content delivered by users.

User’s rights for published content

Content posted by a user to the website in any format is available for use by media organizations, other users and other websites. The use of content in this context refers to modification, copying, displaying, sharing, reproducing, adjusting, and removing the content for any purpose. A user should acknowledge that they do not have exclusive ownership rights for any content they decide to post on content-review.online. 

  • Our content is safeguarded by Copyright laws

We hold the copyright to all the content on our website regardless of its outline or form. By choosing to use our website and, by extension, our services, you imminently consent that you will desist from sharing and distributing content availed to you by our website without our express authorization. Violating this is considered a copyright law violation and equals prosecution according to these laws.

  • Advertisements on our site 

We hold the right to include and use advertisements on our website or any content that appears in the form of an advertisement intended for advertising.

  • Content availability through Atom Feeds and RSS

A user has permission to access and use content that is made readily available via feeds based on their personal needs. One is required to attach a statement announcing the use and publication of any content from our social media platforms. Attribution and acknowledgement are expected for any re-published content. We hold the sole right to delay our feeds or completely stop at any time without prior notification. 

  • By publishing their content on our site, a user should understand that we do not stand by their point of view and may either modify any form of user-generated content at our discretion or remove it. Content published on our website is readily available to the public, and thus a user ought to understand that their content does not have confidentiality rights. 

8. Guidelines and policies 

Users are expected to read our privacy policy and terms of use and ensure to understand the terms and conditions in each and every policy, upon which they are expected to acknowledge them. If a user disagrees with the privacy policy and terms of use, they should stop using the site. Other policies include:

  • We may communicate a user’s private data to a third party if we find it necessary and compulsory.
  • Any legal action taken against you due to using our website is all on you as we are not liable. 
  • At any hint of copyright laws violation by a user, we block and or remove their content, and the user is thus prohibited from ever using the website. Access to their account is then restricted.
  • If users access our website from a different country than the site's origin, they comprehend and consent to their individual information being transferred to our country of residence. 
  • If a user is suspected of having been involved in any illegal activities or to have violated the terms of use, legal action is taken against them. Concurrently, they are expected to cooperate and communicate with any legal entities that may approach us for further investigations.
  • Our website acknowledges and completely conforms with the regulations established by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. To familiarize yourself with the information in this act, access http://www.lcweb.loc.gov/copyright/legislation/dmca.pdf.

User’s responsibility to inform website

If a user believes that any content on the site violates copyright laws, they are obligated to notify us. Afterwards, one is expected to provide the details. We will take immediate action by disabling the content and start an investigation. If the publisher has violated the copyright laws, they are susceptible to suffer the consequences, being banned from the site.

  • Any user who has had their account closed due to copyright infringement is entitled to prove to the site that the content has not violated any laws. If, after further investigation, the user's statement is true, we re-activate the account and re-publish the content.
  • Should a user go against the copyright laws on our website, they should understand that we are bound to inform the original owner of the content immediately. This may result in legal action being taken by the proprietor of the content. In that situation, we are required to cooperate with any legal entity.

9. General regulations and agreements

This terms of use document is recognized as an open agreement between you- the user, and us-content-review.online, as follows:

     a. We are entitled to adjust, modify, in any way, and terminate the website without prior information.

     b. If a court establishes that one or multiple of these provisions aren’t legal, other arrangements elaborated in this section remain unchanged.

     c. verything will remain binding if we don't terminate the variables mentioned in this Terms of Use section.

     d. We will communicate with our users any adjustments either via email or on-site publication.

10. Termination of Terms of use

The terms of use presented in this section may undergo adjustments or may be wholly terminated, without prior warning, by content-review.online.
If these terms of use are either terminated or suspended, we retain exclusive use of any copy of the content you have distributed on the website.