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The team at Contenta has worked to implement various services on their website to ensure that clients get the ultimate experience. Expect to find a diverse array of offerings on their platform. Whether it is a blog post, an article, product review or copywriting, expect to find it on their website. With the army of seasoned professional academic writers which forms part of their human resource, their services are quality and well researched. 

Website Usability 

Their website is a bit slow but very navigable. The site is built to support even mobile phone users who make up a more significant percentage of online users. All of their services are consolidated and neatly organized on the site. Their price calculation tool makes their website even more friendly and interactive as one can quickly get a quotation by just keying in the article’s specifics. They have also featured a chat box for clients to chat directly with customer care and the writers. 

Safety Badges

They feature a number of impressive guarantees for their clients. These guarantees include; 

1. Confidentiality policies 

Given the particular amount of information they collect from customers to improve the quality of their services, they respect your privacy, which forms an integral part of the relationship between you and them. They make it clear to all clients who choose to use their writing services the kind of information collected, the policies governing the storage of such data and its use. 

2. Money-back guarantee

Contenta guarantees its clients monetary compensation under certain circumstances. These circumstances include cases of late delivery, lousy quality claims, when order details are not followed and when a client cancels an order. 

3. Safe payment options

Contenta understands the importance of security and has chosen the safest payment options for clients to make payments while ensuring that their privacy is safeguarded. The payment methods are reputable and secure for the client's sake. No amount is lost to fraud or malicious activity. 
Payments are only to be made through the approved options on their official website. 


The quality of work delivered is exquisite and bound to improve your website's traffic. The expertly picked writers work towards providing quality and custom articles devoid of any copied work. 
Quality is at the core of every order, and thus customers’ orders are handled with utmost seriousness and the orders are delivered in time. Each order is dealt with by the right expert in its particular area of expertise. Customers can therefore expect timely deliveries and quality work handled by seasoned writers. 

Prices and offers 

compared to other service providers, they offer affordable prices for their services. They charge $70.00 per 1000 words and $0.07 per word for any extra words. Their automatic price calculator makes it easy for customers and visitors to get quotations for articles and make orders. 
For such low prices, one would not expect quality services, but they sure do deliver quality and expertly handled content. Choosing Contenta would be a great choice given that one gets the value for their money. 


Customer support is impeccable, and the site is informative and looks great, but they need to work more on their clients' assignments. They should also find more experienced English speaking writers, as nobody wants to get a poorly written blog post. 
Using this website is easy, even for a first-time visitor or client. Many other platforms offer the same services and are not as trustworthy, so it's recommended to go for Contenta. 

Tammy Garcia


For me it is the efficiency. Most writing agencies have good writers, excellent I might say - but they always come last in efficiency. This turns off people because they expect straightforward assistance.

Hannah Rae Miller commented


The good thing with this site is they pride their service on meeting all the expectations of people seeking their help. I think this is the most important thing people seeking content-writing help look for.

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